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Fun Stuff

* Site is unavailable at school site, home use only. - Urban legends reference page organized by category. - Hundreds of free, animated, musical greeting cards in a variety of categories. - Relive your childhood! Info on fashion, toys, movies, arcade games, and more back to the 1900s! - Links to games, colouring pages, activities and more.

* - Search for quizzes on every topic including countries and cultures of the world, children's literature, brain teasers, music and more! - Provides the lyrics for children's songs from camp, parties, TV, and the nursery. - Hundreds of kids sites in the categories of Discovery, Fun Stuff and Entertainment... all in one place! - Find info about great books, including reviews of the newest titles, interviews with cool authors, trivia games, word scrambles and contests! - Take a journey into A Series of Unfortunate Events. - Offers inspiration for parents and fun for kids with colouring pages, puzzles, printable crafts and games, worksheets and more! - a collection of online games featuring your favourite cartoon characters. - divided into different subject areas, you'll find lots of links to info in areas including Reference, Our World, Math Whiz, Sports & Recreation, Fun Stuff, and more - Want to have some fun? Choose from a variety of activities including Jigsaws, Spelldown, IQ game, Math Generator, Mr. Potato & Dolls and more. - from Information Please this is a great Website for inquisitive students - most of the content is geared toward children ages 7 to 12 with a fun & games section, a place to post messages and chat, movie and books review, links to other great sites by subject, and more!

 Sept. 1/15