Borrowing Policy 2020

New Loan Limits max. of 5 items per week. Please book accordingly.

If you would like to review your pending orders, Login to Insignia, click My Account My Borrowing Booking.

Borrowers have the responsibility to return resources on time. Late returns impact the loan schedule resulting in the next individual in the queue not receiving materials on the date requested.

Materials must be in the return pickup area the evening prior to their due date. Please write IMC on the shipping label for return and if a kit was not open or used please also write NOT USED on the label.

Resources may be renewed for another loan period, provided that the items have not been booked by another staff member.

If you would like an extension on an order, Login to Insignia, click My Account My Borrowing Loan Renew.

Kits must be returned in the same condition they were received (disassembled, counted, parts returned in containers or bags as labelled). Missing or broken pieces must be noted.

When returning lost or missing pieces after a kit has been returned, please include a copy of the missing slip sent to you or the kit number and your name with any returned pieces.

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Login info:
Username: Staff Number
Password: Last name (lower case)

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Instructions on how to Login and Book Items from the IMC are found here.


For further information,

Gwen Gamble - (807) 625-6006 -